Auditing – is it just for Finance?

Jan 31, 2012

Your finance department undergoes an audit every year, which often improves the company’s efficiency and profitability by helping the senior management understand their own financial systems.  The management and shareholders are also assured that their organisational risks are well studied and systems are in place to control them.

We never raise an eyebrow when the financial auditors show up every year and take over the offices for a week, so why don’t we give the same level of reassurance to other areas of the business that attract significant risks, such as human resources (HR)?

A good business will treat their Finance Director as their left arm, with their right arm being legal and HR.  So, surely we should give each discipline the same level of assessment.

Every year, Qdos Consulting will Audit many HR departments in order to identify areas of non-compliance, HR improvement and areas of HR development.  Many businesses find that one of the biggest business assets is their employees and on balance is also one of their biggest risks.  By undergoing a thorough audit of your HR practices you too can lessen the risk to your business.

Our Audits are designed to understand your overall business requirements and ensure they link into your HR strategy, analyse your key HR data in order to improve business efficiency and overall reinforce and strengthen HR practices.

To uncover how one of Qdos HR Audits and reports could assist your business, please email us at or call us on 01455 852091 or for more information see here.

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