Contractor & Freelancer Staff - Rebecca Davies

Feb 16, 2012

Rebecca is a Freelancer Consultant at Qdos, and has been with the team since April 2011. Rebecca’s role is to assist customers attain business insurance through Qdos. This involves dealing with applications via email correspondence and online, and managing customers on the online shop. The online shop contains a range of unique insurance products developed by Qdos, including Contractor Professional Indemnity Insurance, Freelancer Tax Protection and TLC35. All of the products are designed to help freelance contractors and provide peace of mind.

Rebecca helps customers by providing advice, information and assistance with the various insurances on offer. She also works on IR35 contract assessments, to support the freelance team. Having good PI Insurance in place ensures IR35 issues are lessened.

Rebecca would love to travel the world, with many places to go on her ‘bucket list’! She would love to visit Alaska and stay in the famous ice hotel, as well as seeing the amazing Northern lights.

A woman of many talents, Rebecca loves going to gigs and festivals, as well writing and being artistic She is a singer in a rock/metal band, writing music, jamming and performing in places around the Midlands. She is learning to be a tattoo artist, hoping to one day own a tattoo studio. Rebecca also teaches beginner/intermediate pole dancing classes!

Her ultimate heroes include Wolverine (the action hero from the Marvel comic books), Kat Von D (the tattoo artist/ model/ TV star) and her parents, who took Rebecca on as an adopted child, and gave her the best possible start in life.

Rebecca loves films, watching them nearly every night, but Lost Boys (a classic 80’s vampire horror) is her all time favourite film. She loves a good traditional Sunday roast with all the trimmings, and has a pet dog, three cats and an Axolotl! Axolotl’s are a species of salamander originating from Mexico.

If Rebecca could be the best in the world at anything, she would be the best famous tattooist/rock star, but if not, she says she is just happy to be herself!

And lastly, if Rebecca was stranded on a desert island, she would want her acoustic guitar, a drawing set and her boyfriend… aaaaw! (If not, sun cream!).

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