Contractor & Freelancer Staff - Hannah Evans

Feb 22, 2012

Hannah Evans is a Freelancer Consultant at Qdos, and has been an employee of Qdos since April 2010, joining the Freelance team in April a year later.

Hannah assists customers in setting up insurance policies, such as Public and Employer’s Liability Insurance and Contractor Professional Indemnity Insurance. She also specialises in giving advice on IR35, contacting customers regarding renewals, as well as dealing with general enquiries via telephone and email.

Hannah is one of the youngest members of the Freelance team, and would visit India if she could go anywhere in the world. India is the second most populous country in the world, with seventeen languages in use across it. Hannah’s favourite food is curry, so it sounds like she would be right at home when visiting India!

Hannah enjoys swimming and going to the gym, and has a pet Labrador called Bruce J! Labradors are the most popular dog in the UK, also enjoying swimming – as they have webbed toes! Originating from Labrador and Newfoundland, they used to help fishermen pull in their nets.

Hannah’s ultimate hero is Michael Jackson – the pop legend who made the moonwalk big, Jackson was once voted the most famous person ever, ahead of Jesus!

Hannah decided that if she could be the best at anything, it would be making money – something that Michael Jackson was (and still is) good at!

Her favourite film is My Girl – a 1991 film starring Macaulay Culkin, featuring the song by The Temptations of the same name.

If Hannah was stranded on a desert island, she would take the essentials: a phone, a laptop and some make-up!