Freelance roles that require Contractor Insurance

Feb 22, 2012

With the wide variety of freelance contractors out there, Contractor Insurance has never been more important. Every business is different, and can face its own problems and challenges. Having a good Contractor Insurance policy in place, gives peace of mind.  

Architects specialise in the design, planning and oversight of building construction. They must meet the requirements of the client, and ensure technical accuracy in their building plans. There are many things that can go wrong during and after the whole process, so a good Contractor Insurance policy is a must.

Freelance photographers can cover a range of specialist areas, including event photography, wedding photography, fashion photography, investigative photography and more. Problems such as lost photographs, accidentally missing that once in a lifetime moment or a simple misunderstanding can be financially damaging, but a Contractor Insurance policy would provide help with any costly legal fees.

With freelance beauticians, there is always the risk that a beauty treatment could go wrong by no fault of their own. A disagreement with a client could occur, making it all the more important for the correct insurance to be in place.

Another freelance role that could require Contractor Insurance is a consultant Ecologist. Ecologists specialise in the study of organisms, the natural environment and ecosystems, as well as the interactions and relationships between these. This is ever more important in recent days, with more people (including many companies and governments) concerned about their impact on the environment, and the search for environmentally friendly solutions. If an ecologist should accidentally misadvise a company, causing costly implications, it would be wise for them to purchase a Contractor Insurance policy, to ensure they are properly covered.

Freelance Bookkeepers are also advised to have this insurance in place. Handling a client’s books requires accuracy and a high level of responsibility. If a mistake was to be made, a claim for damages could potentially bankrupt a bookkeeper, so it would be wise to have taken out the right insurance.

Freelance Translators can also benefit hugely from Contractor Insurance. As a translator, they will be trusted on their reliability and accuracy. If a mistake should happen, the translator may be held liable for damages, costing them large amounts in legal bills.